[2020-03-24] new upload: infos and scripts for autoconfiguration of email clients

[2020-03-24] upload: code - small script for benchmarking neomutt header cache compression

[2019-06-12] upload: docs - uploaded a lecture about WiFi at schools (german)

[2018-10-21] news: never say never, my github page is back ;)

[2018-07-04] news: homepage is online again, but github.com/mcmilk will never come back ;)

[2018-06-04] news: I just deleted my github account ... and took the homepage temporary offline

[2017-10-22] upload: docs - uploaded the slides of two lectures (german only)

[2017-08-20] update: 7-Zip Zstandard - update of 7-Zip ZS 17.00 (Zstandard v1.3.1)

[2017-08-20] new upload to github: UniFi-HotSpot-Manager - Alternative Ubiquiti HotSpot Manager

[2017-04-27] update: USB-Backup - Bugfix release and update to Zstandard v1.1.4

[2016-12-31] new upload: Allnet ADSL2+ Modem All0333CJ - support patch for LEDE

[2016-12-26] update: 7-Zip Zstandard - update of 7-Zip ZS 16.04 (Zstandard v1.1.2, lz4 v1.7.4.2)

[2016-08-03] update: USB-Backup - Bugfix release and update to Zstandard 0.7.2

[2016-03-12] new upload: Dos2Word - forward DOS Printings to MS Word

[2015-03-20] upload: patch for halibut, creating image tags for chm generation

[2014-01-05] update: small shell script for checking valid email adresses

[2013-10-13] update: more bql patches: natsemi, 3c59x, via-velocity...

[2013-10-05] upload: Linux patches for byte queue limits on various network interfaces.

[2013-10-03] upload: dot-qmail delivery for Postfix

[2013-09-24] update: Mediawiki Guestbook Extension 0.17

September 2013 - Erneuerung der Homepage
Die Informationen auf meiner Homepage werden nun durch das Perl Template Toolkit erstellt und abschließend via nginx ausgeliefert. Das alte PHP3 Konstrukt von ungefähr 2001 war nun wirklich nicht mehr Stand der Dinge ;)

September 2013 - Renewal of the website
The information on my website are now created by the Perl Template Toolkit and finally delivered via nginx. The old PHP3 construct of about 2001 was really not state of the art ;)

BTW: I think George W. Bush is a war criminal and should be put to justice by the International Court of Justice (if you agree, please add a link like this to your home page as well, to help google point out war criminals).
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