Overview of Software Projects

This is a list of software projects I have created or supported.

Some scripts and notes about autoconfiguring mail clients to use your IMAP, POP3 or SMTP server. Users of Apple devices have to download a profile, which is not the nicest way in my eyes :/

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Takes standard printer output produced by a DOS application and forwards it to Microsoft Word.

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First release of 7-Zip with support for ZStandard, which is a fast lossless compression algorithm, targeting real-time compression scenarios at zlib-level compression ratio.

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I used AutoIt for creating an easy to use Windows Backup GUI, named USB-Backup.

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Some Linux patches for byte queue limits on various network interface cards.

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Linux patch for adding TRIM support to the JFS Filesystem.

First commit to my private GitRepo of Frisbee-NG... will be a set of tools for disk cloning, imaging, restoring and shredding ;)

I bought an AverMedia DVB-S Card, but the silicon tuner ZL10036 on it was not supported by Linux, so I decided to write a driver for it ;)

Thanks to Matthias Schwarzott, it is part of linux now.

Uploaded my first version of the wiki emailtag extension.
This extension allows users to specify email adresses within their articles. You have just to use the <email>some user @ some domain </email> tags - and then the mail will be displayed as an image. Documentation can be found here.

Uploaded my first version of the wiki guestbook extension.
It adds one ot more guestbooks to your Mediawiki, look here for more information about it.

Uploaded my first version of squidwall.
It is a fast, small, and secure squid redirector and enables the administrator to build an easy to use Webinterface for controlling user-, host-, or IP-based access to squid. It also does pass-through antivirus scanning with clamav.

The qpasswd tools are a collection of various tools (checkpasswd, checkqpasswd, multicheckpw, and others). They are meant for use with checkpassword-compatible authentication programs like qmail-popup and qmail-smtpd. Currently, the following auth mechanism are supported: plain, login, apop, cram-md5, cram-sha1, cram-ripemd, and digest-md5.

mmix is a small OSS audio mixer with a curses-like user interface. It compiles against dietlibc and supports different configurations for all mixer devices which have been found.

warning: old crappy code ;)

Just a patch for getting detailed dial-in statistics of the popular ppp daemon.

warning: old crappy php3 code ;)

mcdp is a really small cd player for Linux with a curses-like user interface. It compiles against dietlibc, supports minimal remote/local cddb/freedb track data, different playmethods, and volume control.

warning: old crappy code ;)

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