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I am submitting some patches to speed up header reading in neomutt. For benchmarking and testing the new code, I have created a small bash script:

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I needed a sitemap.xml for some static websites. So I thought, it's just an find with some options... an there it is:

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I am currently writing some documentation for a windows program. For that I found halibut a very useful tool, but it doesn't create image tags for the resulting chm files :(

So then, I wrote a small patch which does what I need... but of cause, it's more a small hack then a real patch, cause the new \img{someimage.png} tag is currently only working when running halibut with html output.

A really cool feature would be, when also the Postscript and the PDF Output would work with it... but that would need to much time, that I currently do not have :(

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Ein Kumpel schickt ab und an mal einen Newsletter an recht viele Mailadressen von Kunden. Als er das letztens mal wieder machte, stolperte ich in den Logdateien über sehr viele Bounces. Ein weiteres Suchen ergab, das sich im Laufe der Zeit sehr viele ungültige Mailadressen in der Datenbank für diesen Newsletter befunden hatten.

Hier nun ein kleines Skript für die Bourne Again Shell, welches alle Mailadressen aus einer Datenbank (in dem Fall MySQL) ausliest, den MX Rekord heraus sucht und abschließend ein Test-Connect durchführt... und die fehlerhaften Mails danach aus der Datenbank entfernt.

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I am managing my email adresses with dot-qmail files. After moving to a new server in august 2013, I choosed Postfix as my MTA :)

So then, I tried Sieve for delivery to my mailboxes. But the style of the dot-qmail files was much easier to maintain. Then I tried to get my old dot-qmail files to work together with the new Postfix setup. And yes, after some patching and scripting, the local dot-qmail delivery works perfectly together with Postfix ;)

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Axel already tries to accelerate downloads by using multiple connections and, if possible, also multiple servers for just one download. Another way for accelerating downloads, especially on video sites like youtube can be done with dropping connections, when they get to slow.

E.g. on Youtube, if you select some new spot within some video, than you get the full speed, because the local cache of your browser should be filled. But only some seconds later, the download speed decreases to the video streaming bitrate :-(
This patch for axel just jumps every N seconds, which can be specified with the -r option, to a new spot within the video. This way, the video site always serves your request in full speed ;)

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Today, I did a little patch for lsof. It compiles now against the dietlibc, which means it is static and small (about 130kb). Currently it is only a small hack. I will get it smaller (if I have some time for it) ;-) Installation:
Eine Modifikation von Fefes älterem Proxy Authentication Patch für Links. Dieser hier kann auf Links Version 0.92 angewendet werden.
Ein Patch für redir-1.3, um deutsche Meldungen zu bekommen... Download:
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