Dos2Word - Submit DOS Printings to MS Word

Takes standard printer output produced by a DOS application and forwards it to Microsoft Word. Converts code pages and supports box drawings.

You can create different configurations for different printings from within your DOS program.

The program can be placed into the Autostart folder. It will then check for a configureable file output.txt and the DOS program should print to this file. You should disable special printer emulations and take sth. like plain DOS printing within you DOS app.

Here is a picture of the menu:

You can create different configurations for different printings:

Variable Default Value Description
CodePage 437
FontName Lucida Console Should contain an fixed Font, which will be used in Word.
FontSize 6
PageHeight 29,7cm
PageWidth 21cm
TopMargin 1,5cm
BottomMargin 1,5cm
LeftMargin 1,5cm
RightMargin 1,5cm
FilePath C:\CM1\output.txt Path to a File which gets created by some DOS application
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