Code Snippets and Patches of 2012

Axel already tries to accelerate downloads by using multiple connections and, if possible, also multiple servers for just one download. Another way for accelerating downloads, especially on video sites like youtube can be done with dropping connections, when they get to slow.

E.g. on Youtube, if you select some new spot within some video, than you get the full speed, because the local cache of your browser should be filled. But only some seconds later, the download speed decreases to the video streaming bitrate :-(
This patch for axel just jumps every N seconds, which can be specified with the -r option, to a new spot within the video. This way, the video site always serves your request in full speed ;)


zcat axel-2.4.tar.gz | tar x
cat | patch -p0
cd axel-2.4
# install it systemwide via:
# sudo cp axel /usr/bin/axel
# sudo cp axel.1 /usr/share/man/man1/axel.1


axel -h | grep reconnect
# outwill be be:
# --reconnect-every	-r x	Specify maximum time of a connection in seconds

axel -r 6 http://some-very-long-video-url/we-got-from-firefox/via-right-click-and-copy/


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